Transmission Service & Repair

Lykon provides Automobile Transmission service & repair for Bristol, Levittown, Langhorne, Bensalem, Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA.

In cars, transmissions convert speeds and torques along the drive train. The objective is to maximize the efficiency of the engine which means to achieve low fuel consumption with the greatest performance or torque – and, therefore, driving dynamics.

It’s difficult to nail down exactly how your car may sound if there’s transmission trouble, but one thing’s pretty certain, you’ll probably get a that-doesn’t-sound-right feeling when you hear it. Every car is built differently, so the sounds they produce can vary greatly, but if you have an automatic transmission, there’s a good chance you may hear a whining, humming or even a slight buzzing sound. Transmissions are designed to go into the correct gear every time, so when they hesitate or refuse to go, it’s a sure sign there’s something wrong.